FOAMed Resources

What is #FOAMed? Free Open Access Medical Education. The best way to stay up to date on critical care and emergency medicine topics. Here are some of the best resources out there, but not a comprehensive list. The first step is to get on Twitter!

Great overview of FOAM from Rebel EM:
Feedly allows you to follow multiple sources in one place:
Who to follow on Twitter:


Educational Instagram Accounts


Use the Read app to follow journals


FOAMed Papers
Nickson CP et al. Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) for the Emergency Physician. Emergency Medicine Australasia (2014) 26, 76–83. (PDF)

Cadogan M et al. Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM): the rise of emergency medicine and critical care blogs and podcasts (2002–2013). Emerg Med J 2014; 31(e1):e76-7 (PDF)

Thoma B et al. Five Strategies to Effectively Use Online Resources in Emergency Medicine. Ann Emerg Med 2014: 64 (4): 392–395. (PDF)

Mallin M et al. A Survey of the Current Utilization of Asynchronous Education Among Emergency Medicine Residents in the United States. Acad Med. 2014 Apr;89(4):598-601. PMID: 24556776